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The most important part of taking care of your Bonsai trees is watering. How often a tree needs to be watered depends on several factors (like species of tree, size of tree, size of pot, time of year, soil-mixture and climate), indicating that it is impossible to say how often you should water Bonsai. However, understanding a few basic guidelines will help you to observe when a tree needs to be watered.
  • Water your trees when the soil gets slightly dry
    This means you should not water your tree when the soil is still wet but only when it feels slightly dry; use your fingers to check the soil at around 0.4’’ (one centimeter) deep. But never let a tree dry out completely! Once you get more experienced you will be able to see (instead of feel) when a tree needs watering.

  • Never water on a routine
    Keep observing your trees individually, instead of watering them on a daily routine, until you know exactly what you are doing.


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